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Affiliate Disclaimer

by Ryan W.

Last Updated: 3/19/2024

Welcome to Amanita Explorer, a Website found on the internet at the URL https://amanitaexplorer.com (‘the Website’), operated by Amanita Explorer (the ‘Business, ‘Us’,’We’, or ‘Our’).

To generate revenue on this Website, we utilize affiliate links and coupons. Within this Affiliate Disclaimer We describe how affiliate links and coupons work, when we use affiliate links, why we use affiliate links, and how to avoid using our affiliate links.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume that all links on this website are affiliate links, and HempRevs.com will receive a small commission if you make a purchase from any of the websites you are direct to.

What is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is similar to a traditional web link in that it will direct you to a different website when you click it; however, an affiliate link contains code snippets that enable us to track any sales generated from this link. The organization operating that website will then pay us a percentage commission of the total revenue generated from this link.

When Do We Use Affiliate Links and Coupons?

Our affiliate links and coupons can be found throughout the Website within Articles, Reviews, Pages, and more. Affiliate Coupons are generally only placed where it makes sense such as within a Product Review, Coupon Page, or Promotional Email. Whenever we include an affiliate link or coupon in an article or review, we will list a disclosure that highlights their presence within an article.

Affiliate Links and Coupons will not alter the price of the product being promoted, and generally will provide a better price on that product than you would have found elsewhere.

Why Do We Use Affiliate Links and Coupons?

We use affiliate links for two reasons: 1) to generate revenue and keep the lights on here so we can keep providing great quality content for our Visitors, and 2) so we aren’t just sending brands free money. Naturally, Visitors are looking for great products, and by sharing great products with our Visitors that’s based on actual research and real experience with those products, we truly believe we’re providing value for our Visitors. Plus, we can leverage our relationship with these brands to secure exclusive discounts for our readers, which helps us provide even more value for our Visitors.

While we are incentivized to promote products because we earn a revenue, we only promote products that we believe are great quality, produced by a trustworthy brand, and offer value for our Visitors. Nearly every company that sells products direct-to-consumer (DTC) offers an affiliate program, including Amazon, so we can’t feel confident promoting products we believe in and simply avoiding the bad ones.

How to Avoid Using Our Affiliate Links and Coupons?

If you don’t want us to earn a commission on a purchase we referred, that’s your decision and we completely respect it. To avoid using our affiliate links and coupons and prevent us from generating a commission, just don’t click our links or use our coupons. You can search the brand up on Google, block cookies and tracking scripts in your browser, or go directly to the retailers website. Please note that by not using our affiliate links or coupons, you may not be able to claim the offer mentioned.